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Arena Overhaul - A more Engaging and Competitive Environment

We've made an overhaul to our Arena system to create a more engaging and competitive environment for all SG players to prove their dominance. This update includes changes to match simulation and more.

Starting from Scratch - Climbing the Ranks

Each user will now start from an even playing ground, with 100 AP (Arena Points). Your goal is to climb the ranks and earn greater rewards to secure your G.O.A.T status. The G.O.A.T rank is reserved for the Top 100 players only. Please note that you can only achieve the G.O.A.T rank once you have enough AP to be in the Master's category and are also in the Top 100.

Random Opponents and AP Rewards

In the new system, there won't be a choice of opponents. Instead, you will be randomly assigned an opponent based on your current rank. Your performance in each Arena game will determine whether you gain or lose AP. The AP rewards have been adjusted to only reward players on wins, encouraging everyone to keep their teams up to date and compete at all times.

Arena Cooldowns and Attacks

The daily reset of arena attacks has been replaced. Now, users will receive a new attack every 4 hours (2 hours for premium players) regardless of their tier. Attacks will stack up to a maximum of 6 for non-premium and 12 for premium players. Due to this change, the arena cooldown has been reduced to 30 minutes, allowing users to spend their attacks effectively throughout each day without losing out while they sleep.

Cash Out Option

During Arena games, you'll notice a new clickable button that allows you to secure the points offered, regardless of the game's outcome afterward. The values offered range between the maximum points you can win in a game (always 50) and the minimum amount (which gets lower as you increase in rank). Remember, credit rewards are not affected by cashing out, so you'll receive credits if you win regardless of whether you cashed out or not.

General PVP Changes

We've introduced substitutes (subs) to the game. You can now add up to 5 players to your substitutes bench for each of your teams independently. All 5 substitute players will contribute to your team's total base stats when determining match results. These players are automatically given maximum chemistry, but their BS is effectively halved. This means you no longer need to create Chemistry with your starting team and substitute bench to maximize your rating.

Injuries and Other PVP Changes

Players can now get injured during matches, and a substitute will automatically be made if one is available. Injuries and red cards do not carry forward into your subsequent matches; they are purely for adding realism to the simulation. Penalties and missed penalties are now added as unique goal-types/match events. Goalkeeper clean sheets are now tracked and visible for relevant players. We are also tracking W-D-L records for both seasonal and all-time statistics, which will be available on the website soon.

Rank Changes

The /rank and /ranks commands no longer exist. Instead, a new /level command replaces the rank command, as ranks have been removed to avoid confusion with the new Arena AP system. All aspects of leveling remain the same as before.

New Ranked System - SG Season

The new ranked system will be in effect until the end of the current SG season. After that, we will re-evaluate and make changes if necessary for the next season. We also hope to share ranked distribution data with all players in the future.

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After announcing the new system, we conducted a poll on our community Discord server to gather opinions on whether injuries and red cards should realistically impact players' availability in upcoming matches. The final results showed a split of 55% in favor of not having red cards and injuries affect availability, and 45% in favor of them having an impact. As a result, we have decided not to implement this feature at this time. However, we are not ruling out the possibility of considering it in the future.

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