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What Happens When a New Season Starts?

There are a lot of updates and changes when a new Soccer Guru Season gets underway. Below is a list of all the changes and how they affect Soccer Guru users:

What happens to my Credits?

Every player has their Credits reset to 0 when a new Season starts.

What happens to my old cards?

Cards will be sent to the all-time Club (/club alltime) as with all previous seasons.

The /club command allows users to see all of their cards from their Club in one command with the ability to filter by season or all-time.

Can I still use my old cards?

Users can still use their current cards for Friendlies and other future game modes.

For the following season(s), users can use an XI using previous season cards in Friendlies only.

How does Chemistry between players from different seasons work?

Cross-seasonal cards can be added to all teamsheets except for the Season teamsheet.

Users will need to set their Alltime teamsheet as Active and then add players via /11 add <player>. Users can then use this teamsheet for Friendlies.

Players can still have chemistry if they are from different seasons as long as they have links in the same way (linking by Team, League, or Country).

Can I use previous season cards in Arenas?

Users cannot use old season cards in their Arena team. Season team sheets are restricted to cards only from the current season.

Previous season cards can be used in any other teamsheets users may create.

Can I buy or sell previous season cards after the season ends?

Users will not be able to buy or sell any cards they may own from previous seasons.

Users will only be able to buy or sell cards from the new season after it has begun.

What will happen to custom players?

Custom players from previous seasons are treated the same as any other player from that season.

Users cannot buy or sell these players after the season ends. A new season will bring new custom players throughout the year.

What will happen to my arena rank?

When beginning a new season, every users Arena Points (AP) will reset to Bronze 3 (100 MMR) creating an even playing field for the new season.

The Arena game mode is locked for the first 2 weeks of the season to allow users to build their new squads.

What will happen to my vote streak?

Vote streaks will not be reset. Users' streaks will carry through to the new season.

What will happen to my packs?

Any unopened packs at the end of the season will be removed from a user's inventory.

What will happen to my user level?

All user levels will be reset allowing you to earn the rewards again each season.

This is done so users can earn rewards in the new season.

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