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Bringing the Sport to your Discord server!

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Build your Ultimate XI and Compete in PvP matches!

Soccer Guru is bringing football for all of your members to play! Collect player cards to build your Ultimate XI and compete against other users in a ladder system!

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Display of extensive team building feature
Display of extensive team building feature

Get Real-Time Live Information on your favorite teams!

Whether you are on the go or at home gaming in your favourite communities, Soccer Guru will keep you up to date through Discord and Web with live scores, match information, and more!

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Learn the basics of Soccer Guru with our extensive tutorials!

Soccer Guru is easy to use, but we have created a series of tutorials, guides and resource booklets with graphics and demonstrations to help you get started and learn more about the bot!

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Goal! Golazo! Gôl!

With full translations in over 20 different languages and even more coming our community members have helped bring the bot to Discord users from all over the globe.

Don't just take our word for it

Fantasy Sim League (FSL) is an AI v AI simulation league using ProEvolution Soccer and streamed on Twitch. We wanted to offer something engaging off the digital pitch to keep our members entertained. Using Soccer Guru, our users claim cards, compete in the arena and friendlies allow us to hold tournaments and even our own seasons! The bot has been a great tool for us. With daily rewards, hourly card claims and arena matches through Soccer Guru, there’s always football available!
Server Owner
"Soccer Guru is great, you get the chance to build your own team with legends you yourself might look up to or any player of your choice. Building a team you get to play around with chemistry and formation to make it sync perfectly together is both challenging and greatly rewarding."
Community Member
"Soccer Guru has an incredible amount of features packed in an easy to understand bot! The game system is super fun to play, and me and my friends have tons of great memories of claiming some of the greats!"
Project Lead
" The most fun i've had in Discord " Soccer Guru is super easy and fun to play, it has loads of features with custom formations and chemistry to friendly and competitive game modes and live match betting all while being available in a bunch of languages making it accessible to all.
Community Member
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Want to compete against your friends or simply keep track of your favourite football teams performances, we bring the beautiful game to your Discord server.

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