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How do I promote/remove a player from my team sheet?

By using the command /11 add <player name> or /11 remove <player name>. For example, /11 add Messi would add Messi to your sheet, and /11 remove Messi would remove him.

How can I see a list of the players available on Soccer Guru?

You can use the following link to see all of the players available on Soccer Guru. In the future, you will be able to see them here.

What were the latest cards added?

You can use this link to see the cards that have been released so far.

Buying Cards

How can I buy players?

By using the command /buy <player name>. For example, /buy Messi.

How can I search for a player based on credits?

This is not possible; it is recommended to search for players via FUTBIN, FUTHEAD, or any other FUT database and then filter via overall rating to similarly match their price.

Selling Cards

How can I sell a player?

By using the command /sell <player name>. For example, /sell Messi.

How do I sell multiple players at once?

Use /club to find out how many cards you have in the club (and take note of the ID range of the players you want to sell), then use /multisell, and after the command type the ID range of the players you want to sell.

For example, if you want to sell the 12th player until the 100th player, you would type /ms 12 100, and it would sell 88 cards (players) at once.

Note: There is a confirmation before proceeding, so make sure you're aware of what you're selling. No refunds can be made. The command will show a warning mark (⚠️) next to players who are actively being used in any of your configured teams.

How many players can we sell through the multisell command?

There is no limit, you can sell all of your players in your club at once.

How many players can we have in our club?

There is no limit.

Upgrading Cards

Does upgrading a player affect the player's performance?

Yes! Each level upgrade will raise a player's total stats by +7.

A card's total stats are calculated by adding up all the values displayed on it. Thus, leveling up a player will add these 7 points to this cumulative total. This can increase the total stats up to a maximum of 35 points (5 levels).

Cards Issues

Why is a certain player missing?

This might not be an issue from the bot side, if a known player is not available on FIFA, it will not be available on SG. If a known player plays in a league that is not available on FIFA FUT or if the player did not sign with a club when the latest FIFA was released, there is a chance you will not find him on Soccer Guru.

Why is a certain player missing when he is available on FUT?

Make sure that the player's name is inputted as shown on the card. If you still cannot find the player, you can ask for assistance in the Support Server.

Why is a certain player missing a specific card type?

Currently, cards are updated automatically every Sunday, thus, some cards will be added gradually. You can use this link to see the cards that have been released so far.


Where is the server/ alltime/ season leaderboard?

These three leaderboards were removed for the time being;

  • – alltime - With the addition of chemistry, this metric is effectively meaningless, hence, it has been permanently removed.
  • – season (default) - Due to the poor performance of this command, it has been removed until a better solution has been found to implement it - this may return in the future.
  • – server - See reason above (season)

Club Name

How can I change my club name to an emoji?

You can do this by uploading an emoji to your server, renaming it to a single character, and just running the /clubname normally.

For example, upload a Bayern Munich club badge, then rename it to :b_:, then you will be able to run /clubname :b_:, and the emoji will show when you play a PvP match.

Why do the above steps not work for me?

The above steps only work if it's an old emoji or if it's a Discord emoji. If it is a recently uploaded emoji, then Discord will not let you use that emoji.

Discord updated their IDs a few months ago, which means that each new message/user/emoji etc created will have one additional number to the old ID, so you won't be able to surpass it, unless, you use an old emoji (since it would have an old ID)

This means that emojis that are uploaded after 22 July 2022 06:22 will take up an extra character (when at shortest length 2 characters or set as a single character name through API to save a character).

Team Name

What is the difference between a club name and a team name?

The club name is the name of your club, it shows in friendlies and arena, whereas, the team name is the name of your team sheet, it shows at the top when you run /11 show.

How can I change my team name to an emoji?

Unlike club names, this won't be possible. You cannot use an emoji as your team name.


Is there a command to compare two or more cards?

No, currently there isn't, however, you can use one of the following sites to compare them; FUTBIN, FUTHEAD, or any other FUT database. Such a feature might be added in the future.

Can I transfer cards to other users?

No, this is not possible; this is to prevent users from transferring cards between themselves (that is, from using another account to give their main account cards). Such a feature will be abused and will never be added.

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