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Mastering the Economy

Your go-to checklist for keeping up to date with how the economy develops and staying atop the power curve.



How do I earn more credits?

There are a lot of ways to earn credits, and more features are being implemented in the future. Below are the current options to earn credits:

  • – Selling cards via /claim.
  • – Using /daily which gives 2,500 credits.
  • – Voting via /vote, where you get cards (which you can sell), and bonus credits when voting.
  • – Voting via Discord Bot List to earn two cards (which you can sell).
  • – Selling cards from packs where you get cards (which you can sell).
  • – Using the bot daily (to earn XP) where you get rewards when you level up via /level.
  • – Winning games in arena via /arena.
  • – Participating in the weekly x3 held giveaways where you can sell the cards if you eventually win.

  • Note: Not all of these are guaranteed ways to earn credits, but they are still ways one can earn credits.

Can you reduce the price for the players? They are too expensive compared to FIFA!

  • 1 - FIFA prices and this bot's prices have no real relevance to one another, a FIFA player is cheap if he's slow because it has a big impact on the game, speed is not that relevant in this bot, hence the prices have to be different to reflect how the game works.
  • 2 - Players like Mbappe cost over 1.5 million in FIFA and only 1 mil on the bot so it is usually actually cheaper for the really strong players.
  • 3 - Throughout a season on the bot average active users will receive x20 x 90+ rated players and a lot more from other stuff they sell from other cards. Let's assume you only get 30 over a season. Compared to FIFA, the average user only gets x1 x 90+ rated player over the whole season and only a few more in SBCs (maybe a total of 5). So, on Soccer Guru you get 30 in a season compared to 5 on FIFA, which seems like a good deal.
  • 4 - In 3 weeks of the bot being released, many users on the leaderboard have teams with an average rating of just below 90 rated players (with many players having 98 Pele and 97 Maradona and such in the same team already). If you can do that in FIFA in 3 weeks without spending any money on FIFA points, many people would like to see your cheat codes.

Is there a limit on the number of credits you can have?

The limit is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 credits, but this is not achievable.

Cards Cost

Is there a chart for the gold-rated cards' price?

Yes. However, once you surpass a certain OVR rating, it is not financially feasible to buy gold-rated cards, and a sheet for each rating, depending on the revision, will not be feasible to compile. Nonetheless, below is a table to show the gold revisions for 80+ cards on average:

OVR RatingCost (credits)

What is a player's price based on?

The player prices are based on their overall rating and their base stats (the total of the 6 stats displayed on the card).

Can I transfer credits to other users?

No, this is not possible; this is to prevent users from transferring credits between themselves (that is, from using another account to give their main account credits). Such a feature will be abused and will never be implemented.


What is the purpose of XP?

The use of XP is just to show how much you have interacted with the bot. It includes rewards for leveling up! You can run the /level to see your current level and progression status.

How many credits do I earn when I level up?

You earn a thousand per level. So, every time you level up, you get a reward of level * 1000). For example, if you reach level 9, you get 9,000 credits as a reward. If you reach level 80, you get 80,000 credits. Until you reach level 100, where you get the last tier reward of 100,000 credits.

Note: The maximum level for rewards you can reach is 100. No rewards can be obtained past level 100. Your level will reset each season, so it will be possible to earn these rewards again the following season.


What is the drop rate for packs?

The below table is the percentage chance you have to claim a certain gold overall rated player from the x2 Gold Pack:

OVR RatingPercentage (%)


Is there a limit on the number of packs I can buy?

No, there aren't any limits to how many packs you can own. You can buy/save up as many as you want in the inventory, and you're free to open them all at once.

Will more packs be added?

Yes! More packs will be added and then rotated in and out of availability throughout the season.



What is the maximum amount we can flip?

The maximum amount is 3,000 credits. There aren't any plans to increase it.

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