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How does chemistry work?

Each link between any players on the entire field adds up to your total (having a goalkeeper and a striker that are from the same country will give you 1 link). To generate chemistry, the players in your starters can share the same club, nationality, and league. Look at it as a deck of cards rather than proximity lines like FIFA.

A player's individual contribution as far as chemistry is concerned can be seen by using the starters command (Red/ Yellow/ Green glow behind the card).

Players' performance in the game is only reduced if the teams' total chemistry is not green (this is shown in the image when running the starters command)

Note: All players link with each other, not like on FIFA in a straight line. If, when running the /11 show command, your total team chemistry is shown as GREEN, then you effectively have perfect chemistry (even if some players' individual chemistry may be bad (Red/Yellow))



Can you give an example of the chemistry system?

Below is a squad example using the new chemistry system. The below squad's plan was to make a Bundesliga team, so each player gained the league chemistry factor here. Then the second plan was to link as many players with the least number of clubs and nationalities as possible (even though this is optional, using this logic will make sure you get enough links to reach 🟒 Total Chemistry).

For example, at the time that the below squad was made, Nkunku was the best CAM for the Bundesliga league, so other players were chosen from the same club or nation. Obviously, not just RB Leipzig/France, but also the clubs or nationalities of other players in the same team, that is, Bayern Munich/Germany players. Such options were chosen instead of adding another club and nation, as, for example, would have been the case for Kevin-Prince Boateng, who would have added another club and nation. However, if Kevin-Prince Boateng was better than Nkunku, you have the option to swap them since the squad would still remain in 🟒 Total Chemistry, and the same can be applied to swapping Gvardiol with Ginter, despite Gvardiol would add another nation the team would still remain in 🟒 Total Chemistry.

Note: As long as your squad gets GREEN 🟒 Total Chemistry then your team will get full stats! The following is only an example of what you can make. It's up to you to experiment! Some FUT 21 squads, despite being split into x3 sections, can still fall into the GREEN 🟒 Total Chemistry, so you have more options with the new chemistry system.


How does chemistry work with icons?

Icons work the same as other standard card players; they share chemistry with other icons (club chemistry) and players of the same nationality (nation chemistry).


How does chemistry work with heroes?

Do not treat heroes as a club the same as icons. They're only a club within the same league. For example, Gomez, Kohler, and Ricken's club can be considered as Bundesliga FC, whereas Milito and Di Natale are Serie A FC, etc., so they're only a club if they are within the same league.



How is chemistry broken down?

The chemistry system is more friendly and easier to since it resembles a traffic light system. For those of you who don't know what that means it's basically translates to the following:

  • – 🟒 = Good
  • – 🟑 = Okay
  • – πŸ”΄ = Bad

This is applied to both the Overall Chemistry Rating which appears in the top right hand corner of the image you'll see when running the /11 show command and an individual rating per card, which is shown as a light glow around each card in your team.

These are the requirements for 🟒 team chemistry:

  • – x9 🟒 glow players will always give Good (🟒) team chemistry (even with x2 πŸ”΄ glow players)
  • – x8 🟒 glow players requires at least x2+ 🟑 players
  • – x7 🟒 glow players requires at least x3+ 🟑 players
  • – x6 🟒 glow players requires at least x4+ 🟑 players
  • – x5 🟒 glow players requires exactly x6 🟑 players
  • – x4 🟒 glow players requires exactly x7 🟑 players

Number of points based on their glow:

  • – 🟒 = 7 points
  • – 🟑 = 5 points
  • – πŸ”΄ = 0 points

Total requirements for Total Team Chemistry are as follows:

  • – 🟒 = 62+ points
  • – 🟑 = 49+ points
  • – πŸ”΄ = 0+ points

Individual players are calculated by the following:

A link can be via any of the following: League, Team, or Country, and can come from any other player, regardless of position on the team:

  • – 🟒 = Played in the correct position (equivalent to 2 links) and has 5+ other links
  • – 🟑 = Played in the correct position (equivalent to 2 links) and has 3+ other links
  • – πŸ”΄ = Played in the correct position but has less than 3 other links

If a player is played outside of their position (i.e. a CDM in a CM position), then they are restricted in the maximum level of chemistry they can obtain:

  • – 🟒 = not possible when player is out of position
  • – 🟑 = when the player has 5+ links
  • – πŸ”΄ = when the player has less than 5 other links

If a player is played outside of their play style category (i.e. a ST in a CM position), then they are also restricted in the maximum level of chemistry they can obtain:

  • – 🟒 = not possible when player is out of category
  • – 🟑 = not possible when player is out of category
  • – πŸ”΄ = when player is out of category

How can I check my chemistry?

There isn't a way to check your chemistry, in the sense that you can't see a numerical value of how much chemistry you have. For the time being, you have to experiment over time through trial and error. However, with the help of the Red/ Yellow/ Green glow behind the card, it should be easier to visualise your chemistry.

Does a Goalkeeper make a difference?

Yes, it does! You can confirm this by putting a bronze goalkeeper in goal and battling an opponent you usually win against. It doesn't mean that you will concede more goals, but it does mean that your squad will perform worse.

How do the Goalkeeper stats work?

The same logic that is applied to the outfield players is applied. Hence, the GK stats are considered the same as the non-GK stats, that is:

  • – DIV is PAC
  • – HAN is SHO
  • – KIC is PAS
  • – REF is DRI
  • – SPE is DEF
  • – POS is PHY


Does my rank increase if a user plays against me in the arena and they lose?

Your rank won't be increased. If the opponent wins against your team, he will take your rank, and you will move down to his rank. On the other hand, if the opponent loses, both of you will remain in the same position.

How can I check another user Starting XI?

Currently, you cannot check other users Starting XI. However, you can friendly that opponent and see their squad at the initial start of the friendly.


How can I friendly a user without pinging?

For this, you need to use their Discord ID. To get the user's Discord ID you need to enable Developer Mode on Discord, Settings -> Appearance -> Enable Developer Mode.

Then right-click on the user you want to friendly and copy his ID, then just paste that ID after /friendly <User ID>.


Can I buy a position modifier?

Yes, players can learn new positions by using the Learn Position button from the /show <player name> command. Available learnt positions can be seen below.



How can I choose a specific formation to play?

Type /formations and you're given a list of 30 total supported formations.

Which 2 striker formations are supported by the bot?

  • – 3-4-1-2
  • – 3-1-4-2
  • – 3-5-2

  • – 4-1-2-1-2
  • – 4-1-2-1-2 (2)
  • – 4-2-2-2
  • – 4-2-4
  • – 4-3-1-2
  • – 4-1-3-2
  • – 4-4-2
  • – 4-4-2 (2)

  • – 5-2-1-2
  • – 5-3-2

Which 1 striker formations are supported by the bot?

  • – 4-4-1-1 (2)
  • – 4-5-1
  • – 4-5-1 (2)

  • – 5-4-1

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